Climbing Mount Kinabalu is on everyone’s bucket list!

Posted 24 Apr 2014


Kinabalu Park is Malaysia’s first designated World Heritage Site for its remarkable biodiversity of nature and that can only be found within the protected area of the Crocker Range Mountains!

Ascending to the summit of Mount Kinabalu, the surrounding nature differs with each kilometre, as our March Danish adventure group found out!

Many endemic species of plants and animals can be spotted, such as the Nepenthes pitcher plants, Lady Slipper orchids and a variety of birds and primates. Orangutans roam freely within the canopies of the primary rainforest, however they it is very rare to see one in its wild habitat.

The climb is arduous, so because of this, in accordance to the law a guide must accompany every climber, and all guides are thoroughly experienced with the area as well as certified in basic first aid skills.

Reaching Low’s Peak, the summit of Mount Kinabalu, is the ultimate prize for such determined physical and mental effort! As the dawn breaks over the Crocker Range Mountains, the incredible nature of Sabah is brought to life as the sunlight displays a breathtaking panoramic vista!

Get in touch with one of our Head Office staff to discuss a suitable itinerary to climb and conquer Sabah’s icon, Mount Kinabalu!

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