Coral for Life

“Coral for Life” is a Downbelow initiative created to form appreciation & awareness for coral life.

During the program participants learn about the role coral plays within the environment through a powerpoint presentation. Participants are then taken into the ocean to see coral in their natural environment while snorkelling or scuba diving. There is the option to elaborate and show differences between healthy coral & damaged coral in its natural environment and collect broken coral for re-planting – giving back life ! Participants learn how to re-plant broken coral that would otherwise perish. The treated corals are then placed in their new homes by the Downbelow team on our artificial house reef located in the bay just in front of the dive centre.

So the message is clear – lets help coral live in the oceans as we shout “Coral for Life”!

This program can be extended over a period of 3 days where participants collect broken coral on day 1, replant on day 2 and relocate on day 3.


Program Highlights

The Role of Coral in our Environment
Differentiate by visiting healthy corals and damaged corals
Collect damaged corals for re-planting (scuba divers only)
Re-locate damaged coral on the house reef (experienced scuba divers only)

This program can be conducted snorkelling or scuba diving


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