Discover Borneo on an island paradise!

Posted 15 Jul 2014


In our 3rd group of UK-based Gap Year Adventurers’ from Camps International, there are a few who are opting to enjoy the island through the various activities we offer other than scuba diving!

Some students decide on learning about our Gaya Island paradise by participating in activities such as, kayaking, snorkeling and jungle trekking and learning about coral conservation during a presentation delivered by one of our experienced and knowledgeable PADI Instructors!

Walking trails can be found at Gaya Island, where our clients have the chance to spot a variety of wildlife, such as macaques and hornbills and if they’re very lucky, maybe a rare sighting of a wild boar or a proboscis monkey. Many animals found in Borneo, as well as insects and flora and fauna, are endemic species.

One of our experienced island staff team will provide a briefing of the best routes for trekkers according to the conditions and also suggest provisions, such as water, sun block and a hat. Our trekkers will also be shown how to use the radio to maintain communications with our Dive Centre Base Camp!

The safety of all gap year adventurers’ involved in each and every group are of our highest priority during their time camping at our Gaya Island beach house! For either small or large groups, contact our Head Office where our members of staff who are experienced in creating the perfect Borneo adventure will arrange a suitable itinerary!

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