Gap Year adventurers’ learn in the wild!

Posted 30 Jul 2014


Enthusiasm is an essential ingredient to inspire our young Gap Year adventurers’ to protect our natural environment, and everyone in the 6th group of UK-based students from Camps International have embraced the education of our wild Borneo!

During their few days of camping at our Gaya Island beach house, the students have participated in a variety of island activities to introduce them to the beautiful natural environment of our wild paradise, from learning to scuba dive to jungle trekking!

Our team of PADI Instructors taught the students to dive by providing the dive training needed to certify as PADI Open Water Divers. We love teaching in the real open water dive environment, where the students will eventually further explore scuba diving. The dive training to be completed in the natural ‘wild’ encourages them to continue their dive education, as well make them more confident divers!

Get more details on how we can provide any group size, small or large, to discover Borneo when you get in touch with our Head Office! Learning in the wild is the best impression for a positive impact on our environment!

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