Get wet and wild on Padas River!

Posted 10 Jun 2014


At Grade III & IV of the International Scale of River Difficulty, Padas River offers mighty rapids for thrill-seekers to navigate!

An experienced river guide will navigate though, as it requires a high level of experience for the quick and timely manoeuvres, but this allows the participants to enjoy the fast-paced ride of their lives!

Within our program, the one-day activity is unbelievably adrenalin-fuelled, and pictured here one of our May 2014 group of adventurer’s get an awesome rush!

A cultural train ride is the unique mode of transportation from Kota Kinabalu to the starting point on Padas River to begin the thrilling white water rafting!

It’s fairly tiring, not so much from any physical effort but because it’s so much excitement, so a delicious buffet-style barbeque lunch awaits once the activity is completed!

The Adventure Group will then be met by one of our drivers at Kota Kinabalu train station to transfer them back to their accommodation and rest after another amazing activity!

Contact our Head Office to organize a program to experience a wild Borneo adventure in Sabah!

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