Schools & Universities

Working with Schools & Universities takes on a whole new degree of responsibility. When parents entrust us with looking after their child or young adult we become a guardian.

Despite outward appearances young people are more vulnerable to physical and emotional forces than adults, they are more impressionable and less aware of the ways of the world.

Our Youth Protection Policy & Teaching Children Workshops are key to ensuring the safety & welfare of this enthusiast and fun age group.

In addition our Risk Assessments & Emergency Assistance Plans are in place to highlight, reduce & prepare for risks & provide effective emergency assistance in the unlikely event it is required. Our RA’s have been accepted by numerous international schools, universities, organisations and governments and are available for inspection.

Program Content 

When something interests you, you tend to excel in it !

This can most certainly be said for our schools & university programs. At Downbelow we are passionate about education, conservation, community service and adventure and this fits perfectly with youth programs.  Our program duration can be one day or thirty days, you choose !

Our programs are suitable for divers and non-divers. Below are some examples of what we can offer.

Marine Biology Field Trip

Many formal Bachelor, Masters and Doctoral degree qualifications require field trips. Our PADI 5 STAR IDC Centre is the ideal location to conduct such a program together with Universities & their professors.

With direct access to confined & open water, plus primary jungle we are a biologists candy shop !

Typical field trips include a PADI Open Water Diver Course & Peak Performance Speciality Course (two PADI qualifications). After completing these courses the program focuses on teaching the skills required to conduct marine research. The average duration for such a program is 8 days.

Program Highlights:

  • PADI Courses
  • Reef  & Biodiversity Surveys Using Quadrats
  • Reef  & Biodiversity Surveys Using Transects
  • Fish Size Estimation Training
  • Fish Counting Training
  • Reef Mapping with Compass
  • Sea Grass Survey – Snorkelling

PADI Courses & Conservation

Learning a new adventurous activity is often the highlight of a trip, combine this with a service to the environment through a conservation program and you have a very rewarding experience that will remain for a lifetime.

At our PADI 5 STAR IDC Dive Centre we have endless possibilities when it comes to putting together such an experience. We combine PADI Scuba Diving Courses, AWARE Coral Reef Conservation, AWARE Shark Conservation, Coral for Life and more.  Our Conservation & Outreach section will provide more information.

Expedition Borneo

Our Expedition Borneo program is designed for young adults aged 18 years and above. Endorsed by the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia, this one month adventure showcases the best of Sabah’s marine, wildlife & adventure. Our Expedition Borneo Adventure Activities section will provide more information.

Tailor Your Program

Company Directors Richard & Joanne Swann have decades of experience in organising & conducting programs specifically designed for Schools & Universities. They remain hands-on, so get in touch and they will work with you to plan your program.


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