Borneo’s riches can be found in its culture and history!

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Suffice it to say that Borneo will immerse travellers in the beautiful co-existence of so many different tribes, cultures, traditions and beliefs, and on our Expedition Borneo! program, we choose Sandakan on the east coast of Sabah as the perfect all-round destination to broaden our adventurers’ minds!

This month, Sandakan welcomes another adventure group from Denmark to visit the landmarks in the former state capital, such as the Puu Jih Shih temple that overlooks Sandakan town. Steps cascade from the front entrance of the temple to offer a large balcony to view the panoramic vista of the gorgeous blue waters of the Sulu Sea!

After touring Sandakan, the group adjourns to their lodge along the Kinabatangan River where they will overnight in dormitory-style accommodations and explore the rainforests of Bilit Village! Each morning is an early start at dawn to join scheduled river cruises for the chance to spot rare and endemic Borneo wildlife, such as orangutan and proboscis monkeys, or if they’re really lucky, maybe pygmy elephants!

Discovering Sabah in its amazing entirety needs some thoughtful planning, of which our Head Office team of helpful travel experts are experienced in creating an itinerary for a small or large group! Contact us to get more details on your Borneo adventure!

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