The best of Borneo’s culture and nature along the ‘Salt Trails’!

Posted 30 May 2014


Along the famous Salt Trails of Sabah’s Crocker Range Mountains is where to find the incredible diversity of Borneo’s nature and culture!

As part of our program, our May 2014 adventure group spent 4 days and 3 nights trekking the Salt Trails!

An awesome array nature can be seen on the challenging route, which is a mix of river crossings, suspension bridges, steep uphill and downhill jungle paths and ridges!

Each night is spent at a ‘kampung’ homestay, which means village in Malay. They are introduced and appreciate Sabah’s culture and indigenous people all the more as they spend their time in the tropical setting of the traditional village homes. Locals of these settlements relish the regular visitations from our Adventure Groups and they’re so hospitable that they will include all in their many customs of dance, music & rice wine for entertainment!

For an unforgettable life experience, contact our Head Office to arrange a suitable itinerary to witness the beauty of Sabah along the Salt Trails of the Crocker Range!

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