Volunteer to preserve a paradise!

Posted 04 Aug 2014


There is no paradise if there is no contribution towards its conservation, and the 7th group of Gap Year adventurers’ empathises with natures’ battle against its silent killer – marine debris!

Conservation projects, such as collecting rubbish from the shores of our Gaya Island is a program that each of our Gap Year adventure groups have participated in to make a difference in protecting the local area.

Volunteering is a rewarding way of supporting the environmental mission of ridding marine debris from our seas and oceans. The movement created by the non-profit and non-governmental organisation Project AWARE teamed up with the dive training organization PADI to share common objectives and support care for the environment.

PADI cater to a variety of audiences, not just divers, as do the island activities that we offer, such as snorkeling, kayaking, jungle trekking and coral conservation for those Gap Year adventurers’ opting not to dive during their time camping on Gaya Island!

Contact our Head Office to create a suitable itinerary for any group size, small or large, to experience the amazing Gaya Island paradise and how to help us protect our environment!

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